Arden Properties takes a conservative approach to investing, with the protection of capital invested as the backbone of our strategy. Through the successful acquisition of apartment buildings with strategic opportunities, we provide investors who are interested in passive real estate, a passive investment allowing them to enjoy the benefits of apartment ownership without the hassles of dealing with tenants, plumbers and so on.

We acquire properties which are located in economically favorable markets showing strong momentum.  We work with high quality multifamily management operators to get the property stabilized and repositioned so that we can create positive cash flow. Our holding period ranges from 4 to 7 years, depending on the property’s valuation and expected cash flow.

choosing the right area

We focus on areas with favorable key economic indicators:

  • People are moving into the area 
  • Jobs are being created 
  • Household income will support rental costs
  • Demand for rental units is increasing

selecting the right multifamily property

We focus on properties that have:

  • Opportunities to improve cash flow
  • Opportunities for better operational management
  • In the condition and neighborhood where tenants will want to live

access to team

We stay connected to our investors by providing regular updates on the investment property via email communications, on-site videos, webinars, and quarterly financials. We are accessible when you have questions.